Tidal Writing

I often find that any inspiration or desire to write will come in huge, crashing waves and then recede completely for days, weeks or months at a time. This isn’t so bad for working adults writing as a hobby, nor for my A-level studying days, but right now whilst I’m studying a Creative Writing degree, well, it can be a ball-ache.

I’m really loving writing Obsidian. It’s already evolved so much since I started it; it’s taught me lessons about drafting and keeping old drafts, made me painfully aware of assumptions I make as the author that need to be more carefully explained to the reader, and the world I’m building is genuinely fun to immerse myself in. Fun for me, anyway, messing around with its rules and characters, even if it isn’t so fun for you when you read it. I know you can’t see much of it yet, but trust me there’s a lot going on behind the scenes that I can’t wait to get to a point where I’m happy to share it.

And how are you? Addressing readers of this website isn’t something I often do, but alongside it being a portfolio of work and a genuine, honest insight into where my writing life is at, I think of it like a small window into my head.

You, reading this right now. Leave a comment, let me know that you’ve visited. Even if it’s nothing of any significance, random words or phrases or even just letters. My mind is your open book for a while – let me know you’re reading.


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