Bungie and Summer

After watching a documentary a fan put together on the history of Bungie, the company that made the Halo and Destiny franchises among other title like Marathon and Myth, something struck me in their approach; they made the narrative central to their games, building gameplay around furthering that narrative. As you might expect, I am fully behind that method of game design, and it explains why Halo is a franchise that always fascinated me from afar, and why delving into the narrative of Destiny after completing its admittedly criminally short base campaign in 2014 kickstarted my love of narrative design as a whole.

I kind of want to turn Obsidian into a game. Or, something else. I have these kinds of ideas a lot, in fact I took an old game idea of mine and turned it into the world of Obsidian once already, about a year ago. But as of the publishing of this post, Obsidian on this website will cease to be developed and instead will stand alone as Krysten Krane’s story – for now. I’m sorry to everyone that was invested in the narrative; first of all, I am honoured and flattered that you were, but more importantly I am far from finished with the world and stories I wanted to tell within it. I just think I’d like to spend some time experimenting with other methods and mediums, before coming back to anything more formal. So, stay with me if you are willing, because new things will appear eventually.

I have a really long summer ahead of me, that I know will disappear faster than I want it to without me getting half the things done that I had planned. I fully intend to work on a lot of these ideas, as well as continue with the ones I have already in the works (the DnD campaign is going well), but I’m betting now that whatever happens I will be annoyed when September rolls around and less is done than I had wanted. Still, I’ll do my best and show you the results.

The Destiny soundtrack is sublime for a writing background; it embodies the style that any listener of my old student radio show will remember – Ambient.


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