‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ levels of uncertainty

I’ve encountered a problem with falling in love with a project; it kind of makes it hard to share the work in progress.

If you have been exploring the site a little, you might have found a couple of easter eggs I’ve left about the place. Ø These are being born from the single biggest project I’ve ever embarked upon – codename ‘Epoch’ – and I am having an absolute blast throwing them out there.

The problem is, I can’t post any of them with any context or in full versions as ‘proper’ posts, or that would defeat the purpose. I’ve managed to paint myself into a corner where I can’t publicly share the work I’m most proud of, which as you might be able to tell, sucks.

I have some ideas, namely writing pieces like this to explain my thought processes without giving away too much detail, alongside more comment-type pieces if I can find the time, but I am having to channel all my creative energy into something I can’t bring myself to publicly spoil, especially if it one day turns into something people will be bringing home and playing. (on whatever ridiculous 8k VR we have by then.)

Ah well. I’m still having a great time, exploring the parts of my own brain I haven’t had to flex in a long time.

Big love, reader. Keep pushing on.

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