Being bored.

Does everyone experience being bored in the same way? I often find myself with loads to do, both deadlines and just hobbies/games/books that would pass the time, but feeling nonetheless bored out of my mind and unwilling to do anything for more than a half-hour at most. It’s a mindset that overcomes me, more than a lack of options or other more ‘normal’ causes for boredom. It’s weird.

I’m honestly surprising myself by writing this at all. Random discussion posts are not exactly portfolio-worthy writing, although I would hope there might be some semblance of structure, vocabulary and writing style evident for anyone who is reading this as a prospective employer. (I can dream, at least) I’m happy, though, to find some solace in writing to the few of you who do read these posts and enjoy them; a small group to vent to.

I’m coming to the end of a month back in the South for Christmas with my family, as well as more time with my partner whilst she’s back from Uni too. All good things, but I can’t help but brace for the transition back to Uni life and the whiplash I’m going to feel hitting the ground sprinting to meet deadlines. Maybe that’s what overcomes me, more than boredom per se; anticipation, maybe a little fear. Nothing to spur on procrastination like the fear of the deadline looming.

If you’ve made it to this point and you’re still reading, thank you. Please, let me know if this is something shared amongst us, if only to give me something else to face-off the boredom. Twitter, email, comments on this post, whatever is most comfortable; I’d love to discuss the strangeness of the feeling.

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