I’m done! … And that’s really weird.

So, as of yesterday, I have completed and handed in the last piece of coursework required for my second year of University.

That’s mad.

It puts me out to sea with very little pressing to do in these … quiet times in everyone’s life. But it does also give me a lot of scope for random things I could be doing.

I’d quite like to try and get some visualisations done for Epoch, creating some concept art with some artist friends I have that could be shown here and on their websites. I also need to start creating a solid structure for how I can present that project rather than just a conglomeration of notes and ideas, which let’s be real is an entire summer in itself.

However, it does also give me a chance to actually breathe, relax and try to sort out my awful sleep schedule and general outlook on life right now. It’s important to remember, I think, that we’ve got to find a way of managing the day-to-day of this reality for at least the next few months, and that’s a worthy pursuit in itself.

I would say, for those that are still reading, that I am very much open to collaborating with anyone who has a creative project or idea that they’d want to work on. I could reasonably call myself a writer, editor and maybe director, but that of course depends on the medium you’re working with.

contact@thomlingard.com. You know where to find me.

Stay safe everyone. ❤

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