Early Epoch – #1: 12/10/2020 – Starting the series.

A lot of the most successful indie studios making video games, movies, TV shows, graphic novels, comics or any other creative product often have the most fascinating accompanying material; dev blogs. I love them. Can’t get enough of them.

Now, I want to make it abundantly clear that I AM NOT A DEV – at least, not in any of those traditional senses. I am designing my own world, for sure, but as a narrative exercise, continuity design and world building rather than anything technical.

In these diaries, journal entries, whatever you want to call them, which I plan to write and upload every Monday evening, I want to catalogue the changes, ideas, processes and just general thoughts that I have as I go about working on this project. I already have a whole host of mini change-logs for my own personal use, but this public blog will start from where we’re at now and go on into the future.

So: where are we at now?

The project is named Epoch, partially a codename but just as likely to be the IP title if anything is ever created using it. It plays host to a dying planet, upon which desperate creatures attempt to eek out an existence in the ashes and ruins of a much greater civilisation. Ages have come and gone across its wider history, but the present day is set in the Age of Ash, dark days of harsh survival tactics and intertwining technological levels crashing together as relics of the past, and maybe even the future, are uncovered.

I am reluctant to go into really intricate story details and breakdowns, which is going to be a constant balancing act as these blogs move forward, but I am uploading sections of completed writing or really cool narrative ideas that are fully formed in-world, and I’ll of course be detailing anything required for blog posts. The Archivist is a recurring character that has written and compiled the Codex, something already accessible here, and sections will continue to release over time. (as well as inevitable edits and retcons as narrative beats shift around)

Another character I am working on at the moment is Milo, an as-yet unknown agent in the Age of Ash, primarily acting on behalf of the race of fragile humanoid creatures known as ‘Null’. Here’s a snippet of her:

Milo’s face scrunches as the neckbone beneath her foot gives way. It isn’t really a sound you ever get used to, nor a physical sensation; like stepping on a snail’s shell, but the shell is surrounded by muscle and tissue and gives way too softly. The scout that the neck had belonged to goes limp, the hand that had been desperately grabbing at Milo’s belt falling to their side. She straightens and steps back, quick to remove her foot from the mess of blood and bone it created and shake it off into the snow. The detritus stains the perfect white. She isn’t grossed out by the gore. Gods know, she’s produced enough of it over the years that it’s rather familiar to her. No, she’s just weary. There have been many, many years, most of which involving more gore than anyone could see in a lifetime. Poor kid, she thinks. She can only see the scout’s eyes underneath the bandages that wrap their body, but they look young. Too young.

I am going to try and include some writing like that every week, if only to motivate me to produce some worthy of showing the outside world on a regular basis, so please do let me know what you think of it.

That’s the first of these done, then. Early Epoch takes shape.


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