Early Epoch – #2: 19/10/2020 – Backfilling


I hope you’ve had a good week, and thanks for checking in on Epoch’s progress. I’ve been trying to decide how best to get you up to speed with where Epoch is, and where it’s going, without giving up too many story spoilers that a) might not even be relevant as things change and b) could end up biting me in the arse if I decide to release anything and people can already find half the work for free on here.

So, in an attempt to remedy some of that, I’m thinking of publishing an extra post to this one this week, which will detail some of the significant changes that have occurred in the past year or so. These are from my own changelog, and they’re a mixture of currently active ideas, new ones that I’ve yet to find a place for and older ones that have since been phased out. Across the board, hopefully, they won’t be too spoiler-y since I’ve got so much more still to do, but they should give you a good insight into what I’ve been up to. (they will also include explanations for any concepts that need it) Check that out when it goes live, but before you do, read the “What is Epoch?” post on the project page for a more general understanding.

Speaking of changes, just tonight I’ve changed something quite fundamental to the character of the Archivist; I’m toying around with the idea that it has some sort of assistant. I love the Archivist as they are already, a primal force lusting for information in all its forms, but the presentation of that information is itself an interesting challenge. That challenge, I think, could be realised diegetically with the introduction of a character that voices the difficulties faced, creating failed or innacurate versions of the Archivist’s information that exist in the world and serve to, at times, complicate things.

I’ve also got some more of the Milo character that I had shown a little of last week. The story is currently codenamed ‘Mortalis’, a pretentious play on the word mortal that I’ll definitely probably never change, and this is the next little segment of it:

This scout was one of three. The other two bodies lay a few feet behind Milo, one resting up against a tree trunk with a singed cavity in their chest, the other in two halves after she separated them with her sword. She didn’t need to look at the eyes of the other two to know that they were just as young. It had not been a difficult fight, even if she rarely does come across those anymore. She picks her battles, mostly, and the raw power of Chaos carries her through the occasional misjudgement, but this didn’t even raise her heartrate. Her shoulders slump – where was the buzz? That energy she so longed for, the coursing adrenaline and dopamine response. She reaches up to touch her forehead, slipping her fingers under the top of her balaclava; not even that warm, she thinks.

In this dead forest, the trees surrounding her all bare of leaves and standing still despite the wind, her breath is the same slow and steady draw as before the fighting began. It’s still early; the path is layered with a few inches of snow, which fell overnight and hasn’t yet been too disturbed. She assumes that means scouts like these are of greater concern right now than the local fauna, though that won’t be true forever. Milo checks around her for more, but apart from the kid and the dead bodies of the others, she is apparently alone. Are they losing her scent, finally? It’s been far harder to shake them this time, more have died to open a path for her than she would have liked. She shrugs, then begins to walk, warily, along the path once again. Her sword shimmers, then phases into nothing as she flicks her arm slightly. She leaves the bodies to the animals; they’ll get a good breakfast.

That’s all for this week, more of a housekeeping update than anything else, but I made a promise to do these weekly so it’s a start.

Stay safe, see you next week.


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