Early Epoch – #4.1: 22/11/2020 – Multimedia

Okay, so weekly didn’t work. I’m not sure why I’m surprised, really. Nevertheless, I am determined to at least keep this going in some capacity, so here I am.

I’ve marked this entry as ‘4.1’ because it’s not really large enough to be a full entry on its own – more of an update, “I’m still alive!” and the like.

Epoch is a furnace to me, or a forge perhaps. Some crucible onto which I can lay my ideas and strike and strike and strike, until something good comes of them or they break and are discarded. The discard pile grows rather large, while the good ideas trickle into their molds tentatively.

I don’t know how exactly a forge works, can you tell?

I’m trying to at least imagine different forms that this work could take. Ironically, considering I had always envisioned video games as the primary medium, most of the writing at present seems to be prose of various lengths, with script taking a backseat without enough characters to really make dialogue pop. What’s more interesting to me right now is visual mediums other than games, where prose or script are applicable formats for developing the text; graphic novels, podcasts, anthologies of short stories. I don’t have any plans, I have lots of paper-thin ideas, but those are still better than nothing.

I’ve nothing new to offer for this entry in terms of writing, and I still haven’t got my website in order with the progress-journal entries or any of the other ideas I’ve mention so far. But I’m working on it, slowly, amongst everything else, and it will be done eventually.

Thanks for reading, and stay safe.


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