Early Epoch – #6: 29/12/2020 – Holidays

Sometimes holidays are good, right? I think so, anyway. Thank you for checking in to this entry in Early Epoch.

I’ve not got much to offer, because I’ve been celebrating at home with my family over the holiday period – when not writing one of my essays for Uni, of course. It’s a weird one, this year, as I’m sure most people will agree, but I’ve been doing my best to knuckle down and get going with deadlines for next year.

Epoch has found itself on the back-burner a little as I get into playing games like WoW, Star Wars: The Old Republic and Trials of Fire more. They’re all awesome, lore-rich RPGs of various different kinds, and with the wealth of inspiration that they have been giving me it becomes necessary to just spend some time playing them, without interruption and without dissecting it all, with the aim to eventually circle back around to developing Epoch further with what I’ve learnt.

In particular, I love the BioWare radial conversation design, even more so than when I first experienced it. It’s a brilliant way of feigning player choice without impacting too much of the overall storyline, and alongside fully voiced conversations it just adds a layer of complexity and flavour to every interaction that games like WoW so often struggle to replicate. I hope to include it in my own games, when I eventually get the chance to get into the grit and detail of character dialogue and scripts.

I have been wanting to get into Ink, for much the same reason, and possibly my next entry will include some of my thoughts and experiences with that if I get around to it. We shall see – it’s an awesome bit of kit for developing interactive stories and a very useful one for me to have experience with moving forward, I think.

Anyway, that’s all for this entry, just some updates for now. Stay well, stay safe, and see you next time.


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