Epoch Dev Blog – #10: 04/05/2021 – Finally Have Something To Add

Hello! It’s been a long while, but that’s not just me being lazy, I promise. I hadn’t, for a long time, found anything to say that would warrant adding to a post. Epoch had been on the back burner whilst I worked on other coursework for my degree, and between that and freelance work (check out ‘What Have I Worked On’), I’ve not really had much to add.

Until now.

First of all – in the next few days, a full 8,000-ish word short story will appear, courtesy of my final hand-in for my degree. It details two characters that have been toyed with and hinted at but not really appeared or fleshed out much before now, so I’m really excited for what they will go on to do on Covenant.

Secondly – I’ve removed all the Codex entries from the website for the time being. The role of the Archivist is constantly shifting, and the wider world/history of Covenant and the Ori is changing quite a bit right now too, so it felt best to put them back to drafts and wait until I can more accurately flesh them out with the correct timelines/details.

Thirdly – the history of the IP is shifting a little. It’s interesting to play around with how the various cultures and peoples have reached the stages they’re at in the ‘present’ (although the period that I’m using as present-day is itself slightly malleable). There will be much more to come in the next couple of weeks, as I finish up the my degree and start actually grappling with the differences I want to make, but safe to say I’m really excited to see how it’ll knock-on forward to what I’ve already written. And by excited, I mean slightly terrified.

That’s where Epoch’s at right now, no new writing to preview but plenty for me to get working on. Consider this more of a precursor update, a 0.5 to next week’s (hah) full 1.0.

Thanks again for reading, and hopefully I’ll have more on here soon.

Stay safe,


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