Epoch Dev Blog – #12.5: 14/10/2021 – Back In The Saddle

Hi! Good to be back.

Firstly – I’ve moved! If you’re a writer, game designer or generally just a creator/entertainment media person in the Birmingham UK area, give me a shout over email (contact@thomlingard.com), I’d love to connect on a project!

That’s been the main reason for my absence, as well as starting a new bill-paying job and the general stresses of transitioning from student digs to ‘proper’ renting (and all the bills that come with it). However, I am back now and setup almost completely, and with a couple of days every week dedicated to my writing I’m hoping to produce a lot more for both Epoch and other projects in the coming months.

I’ve not got much to report in terms of development for Epoch, having not spent much time really focusing on it, but I hope to get another post out next week once I’ve got my head into gear and some words onto the page – thus, #12.5.

Thanks for reading this quick update, I hope you’re well and continuing to stay safe in whatever your life entails.

See you next week,


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