Epoch Dev Blog – #13: 24/12/2021 – SPAAACE (and some self-reflection)


What a hilariously optimistic post, the last one was. For as much as I had good intentions at the time, I ended up struggling to stay on track with properly focusing on Epoch after that point, what with an (at the time) very intense set of shifts at work and my general falling in love with both the Borderlands games and Final Fantasy XIV. Alas, I wanted to get something out before Christmas and the new year, so here we are.

Firstly, some personal updates – I’m now working more permanently and regularly for a localisation company in Russia (Levsha), doing English Language review for their translations amongst some other consultation work. It’s a fun time, the first real writing job I’ve ever been able to lay claim to that wasn’t unpaid or temporary – and it’s allowed me to scale back my other job to shifts and hours that give me more time to sleep and more time to myself, which has been lovely. I do intend, as ever, to focus more on my own writing going forward, though I have to take my own intentions with a grain of salt based on my previous attempts.

Secondly, Epoch updates – I’m kind of rewriting it? Or at least, I have a second notebook on the go now labelled ‘Solt’, which has come about after watching Dune at the cinema and absolutely adoring the aesthetic that they have managed to so viscerally recreate on screen. I was inspired to upscale and translate Epoch into something that spans a system, not a planet, and I honestly think that across the now few-tens of millenia that the timeline spans, there is room for both the more traditional high fantasy tales all the way through into full-blown sci-fi. Really, that’s what has me so excited; the chance to include all of those different genres, aesthetics and designs in one single, expansive world. (Looking at you, Riot and Runterra – don’t steal my thunder, please)

Anyway – this is going out on Christmas Eve because I’m stuck at home with COVID and couldn’t travel back to be with family, so, y’know. Hold your family close, enjoy your time with them, and have a good rest to see off this strange and difficult year.

Here’s to 2022! May it be a merciful one, after the few we have endured recently. And may we begin all our projects and see them begin to come to fruition – in the new year, obviously. Not now. Now is chocolate and roast dinner time.

Stay safe, and thanks for reading.


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