The Narrative Column – #14: 18/03/2022 – Renaming the Epoch Dev Blog


It’s important to know when things are changing, and to ride those waves rather than swim against them. A lot has happened since the last time I sat down to write one of these posts, which I’m not going to go into explicit detail about here, but rest assured I’ve not been purely procrastinating.

A while ago, I sent out a message to my DnD players that I’m finding it too difficult to work on good-quality sessions for them in our campaign whilst keeping enough time for myself and family, so the next session will be the last for the foreseeable. I haven’t worked on Epoch or Solt (other than changing their names to Echo and Kast, respectively) for a while now, preoccupied as I’ve been by work, seeing friends and family and trying to still enjoy playing video games and watching films. I’ve found I need to cull some aspects of my social life that are more demanding of my time outside of the event itself (like DMing a campaign vs being a player), in order to make time for the hobbies I feel are more central to who I am. I’m building a hierarchy of value for my free time, and I don’t particularly enjoy it – but it’s life, I suppose, at least for now.

None of these things are going to stop being important or enjoyable to me, nor do I want to miss out on picking them back up if things change again, I just do myself no favours by constantly worrying about all the things I’m not doing. I still want to write, to create and to enjoy storytelling with my friends and peers who love it too, but to paraphrase all my lecturers at University: I can’t write if I don’t read, or play, or watch what I want to write.

And so I come to renaming this blog. One of the things I have been forcing myself to make time for when I can is playing more, and watching more, and diversifying what I play and watch as much as I can. I’m also enjoying content about those things more and more; video essays, review content, exploratory essay writing and the like. So, I thought why not adapt this blog slightly, pivot away from purely discussing my own writing, and turn it into a recurring column on this website-portfolio-thought dump in which I simply discuss whatever I’ve been interested in recently.

This will not be one of those posts – and I have no idea when one of those may appear – but I wanted to set the record straight for anyone viewing my website and explain where my head’s at.

I’m starting a new job soon – exciting!!! – and that will have my focus for a while. Hopefully, it’s the start of my professional career making games, games that will see the light of day and be played by other people; for now, thank you for reading and for indulging my musings.

Stay safe.


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