About Thom Lingard

This website is a melting pot for everything I do and say, showcasing all the work I have to offer; my professional experience, blog posts and opinions or personal projects.

I am a third year English Literature and Creative Writing student, an avid video game fan and musician who prides the art of storytelling above most other things. Whether it’s in the games I play, the music I listen to or just the experiences of the world I have, finding a way to communicate and tell a story through those things is vital.

I am a particular fan of unorthodox storytelling, through things like interactivity within VR, world design and extraneous detail that can inform understanding for readers/players. I’m someone who (to a lot of people’s criticism) really appreciated the Destiny 1 Grimoire system, for example, to the extent that I have a short article written about what I loved it written here. Sometimes pushing players out of where they expect to find narrative can lead to incredible experiences.

In general I just love to tell stories and talk people’s ear off about them, and I’d love to get in touch with anyone who shares that ideal.