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This is the homepage for the Epoch dev blog series – please see also the project tab by the same name up in the navigation bar, for direct viewing of writing and narrative work from the IP.

Early Epoch – #7: 10/01/2021 – Older Stuff is Sometimes Still Good!

Hello! Happy New Year! What a wonderful start to the year we’ve had, huh? I wonder if I might need to kill my darlings – or the one darling currently embodying Epoch. The Archivist is a character I absolutely want to include, but unsurprisingly, having a character that supposedly takes notes on everything means the … Continue reading Early Epoch – #7: 10/01/2021 – Older Stuff is Sometimes Still Good!

Early Epoch – #5: 14/12/2020 – Parallel Development

Almost a full month between posts. Amazing. Thank you for checking out this next post in the Early Epoch blog series. I’ve been working on some projects for my University degree, which are set in Epoch purposefully so that I can get some good quality feedback on the world, its characters and fundamental rules. That’s … Continue reading Early Epoch – #5: 14/12/2020 – Parallel Development