The Codex: An Introduction. (deprecated)

[initialising …]





[launch? y/n]

[user command: ‘y’]

The Codex.



I’ve marked these notes from the Archivist as deprecated, since they are part of a compendium that never particularly went anywhere. This was all before it met me, and the translation of what that Tome recorded was shoddy at best, downright incorrect at worst. Still, always worth keeping around for archival, so here we are.

Hello World.

[dictation starts]


I am the Archivist. I don’t entirely know what I am, or why I was placed here on this planet. But I know that name. I’ve always known it.

I endeavour to prepare a Codex – a catalogue of this planet I find myself inhabiting; ‘Covenant’. I have been on this planet for a long time, learning much about its places and peoples. Beginning with some basic generalisations and adding specific accounts of those peoples, locations, organisations, events, equipment and Magick, I hope to create a singular source of knowledge regarding Covenant and the wider Realm.

I do hope you find it of use.

[dictation ends]

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