The Codex: An Introduction.

[initialising …]





[launch? y/n]

[user command: ‘y’]

The Codex.


Hello World.

[dictation starts]


I am the Archivist. I don’t entirely know what I am, or why I was placed here on this planet. But I know that name. I’ve always known it.

I endeavour to prepare a Codex – a catalogue of this planet I find myself inhabiting; ‘Nephilon’. I have been on this planet for a long time, learning much about its places and peoples. Beginning with some basic generalisations and adding specific accounts of those peoples, locations, organisations, events, equipment and Magick, I hope to create a singular source of knowledge regarding Nephilon and the wider Realm.

I do hope you find it of use.

[dictation ends]

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