The Codex.

Entry 1: Hello World.

Hi. I’m not entirely sure who will be reading this. Whoever you are, I’m sorry. The situation you’re in can’t be good.

We’re all caught up in something bigger than ourselves. This planet is doing something, perpetuating something in us. Maybe this can contribute to explaining that, somewhat.

The Ori are a species that inhabit legend and myth. They were creatures, familiar in look and sound, that wielded the greatest power this planet has ever seen. They are the mythical ancestors of so many that live today and they carry a heritage of destruction, power and mystery.

I’ve been here for just over eighty years and in that time I’ve not found anything on this planet beyond ruins and wrecks, telling the stories of a brutal, imperial regime gone wrong. The Ori may have been mighty, but I do not for one second believe they were good.

The world is in an Age of Ash. Peace and prosperity have been distant dreams for centuries, as survival is the paramount concern of the population. Species like the Krannid and Urok, subjugated by the Ori for thousands of years, have returned to ancient shamanic techniques to maintain a good relationship with the planet. The Null are less lucky, especially estranged from any Magick energies and without such methods of reconnection. The Fey have only recently arisen from a deep slumber underground, appearing on the surface with abilities and physical features that put targets on their back for slave drivers. And the Titans – well, they barely leave Cal’Grim anymore, content to live out their isolated existence from the rest of their kin and the wider world all the same.

The sorry state of affairs today is a far cry from the legends of the Ori – and no one seems to know why they are gone. Living memory has been tainted by something; I can only find accurate and detailed histories reaching 500-600 years into the past. After that, everything becomes vague and incomplete, with the Ori at the centre of legends and mythos that have no clear origin. The timeline doesn’t follow that of natural evolution, the ebb and flow of empire, the birth of new cultures out of the ashes of old. At some point in the history of this planet, a civilisation at the height of its power simply failed, erasing millennia of history as it died.

I am telling you this in case all is lost again in the coming years, as I suspect it will be. I am telling you so that the young species you probably are, born from the deaths of these poor souls, might understand what came before you. So that you don’t have to do again what I endeavour to do here. You may not understand what I’m talking about yet and that’s okay. You will.

I am the Archivist. I don’t entirely know what I am, or why I was placed here on this planet. But I can’t help but be drawn to the Ori, to their legacy of destruction. I think I might have uncovered what happened to them and with these archives as my oath, I will endeavour to show you.

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