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The Codex.



[dictation starts]

In this Age of Ash, the planet survives on what the populous can scrounge together. That essentially consists of broken, scavenged Ori technology and supplies, often supplemented by some modern ingenuity and a huge amount of brute force. This is a dossier of that technology, both original and scavenged.

I’ve compiled the individual sections over the course of the past couple of years, updating and changing details based on targeted research that has finally landed me with enough confidence to commit them to writing. I’ll warn you – I recognise I’m probably not the best when it comes to filtering down to essentials, but I’m trying to give as much to as many different kinds of readers as I can. Most likely, they go into detail that you’ll want to hand to your engineers and let them handle, and that’s okay.

[dictation ends]

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