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Entry 1 – Munitions

[user command: load file – ‘ori_munitions_overview’]

Designation: ‘Ori Munitions – Their Origins and Uses’

First discovered in Y290 in one of the earliest vaults unlocked in Kallos, Ori Munitions have been invested in and tested ever since. The term actually refers to Ori armaments widely, found originally on caches that held weapons, prefabricated ammunition and even vehicles, but it is most predominantly used today in reference to the base compound used in creating a wide variety of materials and substances. The precise chemical make-up involved is still unknown, despite worldwide reverse-engineering efforts, so usage is often restricted and rationed based on the supply of scavenged Munitions available to any given individual or group.

There is some speculation amongst engineers and technicians that Magickal energies are required at some stage of production in order to fabricate new Munitions. Since there have been – at the time of writing – no successful attempts at fabrication, this is entirely unverified, but the incredibly combustible nature of Munitions coupled with their relative stability in crude form has not been found to occur anywhere else. The Hallow and Craven, both species that might have some knowledge of pre-Fall Ori technologies, have volunteered little to the discussion, but those that have been captured and interrogated by the Apex revealed that neither the Vigour nor Agony has the Magickal capability to produce such compounds.

The Munitions normally take the form of a powder when in crude form, although they have also been found in solid-state compressed blocks, presumably for increased storage efficiency. This material can then be transformed into a variety of other forms for use in different armaments; this is a process well documented and understood, albeit using machines originally built by the Ori and reverse engineered. IMPORTANT – IF FOUND, TAKE NOTE OF STORAGE SITUATION AND CONDITION OF MUNITIONS BEFORE HANDLING. THIS WILL ALLOW FOR THE MOST APPROPRIATE HANDLING METHODS TO BE IDENTIFIED, AVOIDING POSSIBLY DEVASTATING REACTIONS TO OTHER CHEMICALS/THE AIR.

Common uses include:

  • Ammunition for firearms;
    • Hand Cannons
    • Rifles
  • Explosive material, used in;
    • Mining
    • Exploration of ruins
    • City defence systems
  • Fuel used in combustion engines;
    • Vehicles [user comment: This tech is, as of Y375, rapidly developing beyond the simple locomotives we’ve had for a while now. It’s incredible, honestly.]
    • Machinery

In recent years, different factions on Covenant have stockpiled to various degrees, whilst general reserves left in Ori caches have dwindled. As of the compilation of this dossier (Y375), there are mounting tensions over the imbalance of Munitions across the three main continents of Highlands, Earkran and Cal’Grim.

[file end]

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