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Entry 3 – Atlas Stone

[user command: load file – ‘ori_construction_materials’]

Designation: ‘Ori Architecture and Construction – Materials – Atlas Stone’

Far more than any weapons or machines, the lasting legacy of the Ori is their great cities and structures scattered across the land masses of Covenant. These buildings have no discernible age, primarily because of the materials used in their construction that have been appropriated and utilised to great effect by every species on the planet, not just the Null.

The main breakthrough that has allowed such rapid regrowth from the species of Covenant happened in Y120; the formulation of the recipe for Atlas Stone. An incredibly versatile building material, Atlas Stone is produced with the consistency of wet sand through complex combinations of naturally occurring ores and artificial chemicals made by following Ori formulae. Once made, it can be easily transported due to its light weight and easy transference between containers, taken to wherever it is needed from the foundries producing it.

The key to its usefulness comes when it arrives at the construction site. Poured into moulds shaped for whatever task the stone is needed for, the application of an electrical current instantly hardens the stone, tripling its density and making it incredibly difficult to break. The moulds can be removed and the stone placed wherever it is needed, capable of supporting extreme weights and withstand the harsh and unpredictable weather of the planet.

As with the Munitions, early research into Atlas Stone was expected to uncover a Magickal component that would confound reproduction attempts. In this case, however, the only manipulation is that of the organic chemical processes taking place and the order in which ingredients are combined to produce them; Atlas Stone is generally accepted as one of the biggest pieces of evidence that Ori Science was also far ahead of anything that is currently known today.

Cities utilising primarily Atlas Stone construction:

  • Bastion
  • Kallos
  • The Lodge
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[file end]

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