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Entry 1: ‘Magick’ vs Science

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Something that I think is important to distinguish is the particular intricacy of ‘Magick’ and ‘Science’ on this planet. Put simply, they are referring in essence to the two sides of the same coin. Magick is the name given in Common Null for power in the metaphysical sense; the power of one’s own body, the ability to manipulate the energies around you and interact with the world using your own internal strength. Science is, using the same kinds of terms, power in the academic sense; the study of the universe and its laws, with the end goal of understanding and thus wielding the powers found within.

Throughout this Codex, both terms will be used a lot, so it’s important to remember and understand that distinction. Magick is not divorced from Science and actually manifests in many ways throughout, most predominantly in how the different Magickal forces of the planet interact and produce different results. A great example is electricity; bound by and obeying the laws that scientists have established and producible through generators and engines, but equally a derivation of one of the Fundaments, the primal and base forces of the planet that dictate most of reality as we know it. By being such a force, it is conjurable and manipulated by those that can wield the Magicks of such forces, most commonly the shamanistic ‘Conduits’ of the Urok and Warlock species.

I only mention this difference between terms because I’ve found evidence in some of the old Ori manuscripts that suggests it wasn’t always the case. These are incredibly old texts, barely translatable from whatever language they used to use, but the vague meaning seems to be that the two disciplines were seen as separate for a long while before they were recognised to be related. Just remember, as I explore and explain everything I have seen, that both terms have their place and their meaning, but they are not completely isolated. Let’s hope I get them the right way around.

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