What is Epoch?

Epoch is the original IP of Thom Lingard, comprising an expansive sci-fi, fantasy and at times cyberpunk universe that is constantly being developed and added to. Below is the current official introduction to the world: The Ori, a powerful species combining versatility and resilience with vitality and relative immortality, are born onto the planet of … Continue reading What is Epoch?

Materia. (deprecated)

[initialising …] […] […] […] [initialised] [launch? y/n] [user command: ‘y’] The Codex. * Preface [dictation starts] In this Age of Ash, the planet survives on what the populous can scrounge together. That essentially consists of broken, scavenged Ori technology and supplies, often supplemented by some modern ingenuity and a huge amount of brute force. … Continue reading Materia. (deprecated)

The Book of Details. (deprecated)

[initialising …] […] […] […] [initialised] [launch? y/n] [user command: ‘y’] The Codex. * Entry 1: 'Magick' vs Science [dictation starts] Something that I think is important to distinguish is the particular intricacy of 'Magick' and 'Science' on this planet. Put simply, they are referring in essence to the two sides of the same coin. … Continue reading The Book of Details. (deprecated)