Projects and CV/Resume


Completed Projects/Roles:

– Whatboy Games: ‘Additional Writing’ credit on Trials of Fire

  • Proof-reading 70k+ words of branching narrative content, including barks and embedded text-formatting – Trials of Fire.
  • VO script for launch trailer – Trials of Fire
  • Wiki copy-writing, per guidance/request from the Studio Director (‘Overworld Guide’, ‘Quick Start’, ‘Camping’, Class/Race descriptions) – Trials of Fire
  • General copy-writing/Production Assistant – Trials of Fire (University Work Placement, January – March 2021)
  • All tasks were completed entirely through Slack and other online systems, as Whatboy do not currently have any physical studio premises.

– Freelance English-language Review and Narrative Consultancy at Levsha (localisation studio)

  • I work daily for Levsha, receiving localisation projects where my training in English language writing and editing is used to review and consult on the fluency of the translation. The work is entirely online through Slack, so I have up-to-date experience of managing different timezones and an entirely-online workflow.
  • I also receive consultation projects for the localisation of narrative ideas, working though the setting for a game world and establishing good continuity, integrity of dialogue quality after translation and localising story beats and arcs that may not fit as easily into Western markets.  
  • I have also written and directed a VO script used as a preliminary baseline test for new Voice Actors at their VO studio team. This involved writing a fake game treatment, with several character profiles, sets of barks and a 9-scene VO script that simulated the main scenes in the plot of the game; this treatment was given to new Voice Actors as a ‘new project’ and used to build a bank of recordings for each Actor based on the same script everyone is given.

– Editor for The Student Lens (June – October 2020)

– Editor for Flash Literary Journal, a Lancaster University student and alumni flash fiction journal (December 2018 – Present)

– Station Manager for Bailrigg FM, Lancaster University’s Student Radio Station (June 2019 – April 2020)

  • Experience gained in audio technology and sound engineering, team management and leadership, plus training in: Human Relations, Social Sensitivity, Safeguarding/Bystander Responsibility, GDPR, UK Media law, UK Charity law, UK Copyright law.
  • Across the board I gained a wide perspective on human interaction, dealing with disputes and issues, plus social engagement and entertainment media production knowledge. The level-headedness and ability to compartmentalise now persists into any role I take on and I am a better team player as well as a better leader because of it.

Ongoing Projects/Roles:

– Playground Games: Associate Technical Writer

Education (UK Based):

– BA Hons: English Literature and Creative Writing, Lancaster Univeristy (2:1)

– A*-grade English Literature at A Level, A-grade English and Maths at GCSE


Please reach out to me via email and I will happily provide reference contacts from my previous projects.

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