DnD and other nerdy things

Hi! It’s been a while hasn’t it. No, I’ve not really been doing huge amounts, not worthy of an almost month-long drought at least; I just, well, have been starting a lot of things without finishing them.

As the title suggests, a recent and already incredibly fun thing I’ve been doing is writing a homebrew Dungeons and Dragons campaign for some of my friends back home, to run over the summer. It’s really fun to work within such a deeply established world; every little thing I could think to look up for a race or weapon or deity, it’s there on a wiki or Reddit post somewhere. Brilliant, honestly, and both a huge inspiration for my own world building endeavours and a wake-up call for what I really love doing; answering questions. (I had typed ‘making things up’ before that, but that seemed a bit vague and obvious)

I keep telling myself the career I want is in Narrative Copywriting, which may very well be true, but more generally I’ve been feeling like a Narrative Designer recently. The difference is one of semantics, I guess, in that Copywriting for narratives is writing purely background details and the ‘copy’ that fills in the gaps of a world, whereas Designing is obviously a more full picture of the entire world and how the parts interact. At some point, an actual story has to occur within those pretty worlds I keep writing, and that’s what this DnD homebrew campaign has made me realise.

I don’t really know what that distinction means, yet, except that I need to open myself up to as many opportunities to design as well as specifically write, however that might manifest itself. Fun times.

In other news, the completion of my first year of University (Oh man… that’s terrifying) means I’ve been playing a lot of video games, which is unfortunate because I’ve settled into a particular genre – RPGs. Now, as anyone who has played RPGs before can tell you, they’re normally individual, timesink, give-us-all-your-free-time kind of games, full of lore and detail that I all-too-easily get sucked into; I currently have 3 that I want to play almost equally. Yeah. It’s frustrating having to manage which I play on any given day, and then zooming out every now and again to realise that actually, the choice of which of these three immensely rich and rewarding games I should play isn’t so bad of a problem to have.

For anyone who’s interested, they’re Elder Scrolls Online, Destiny 2 and Trials of Fire. (Shout out WhatBoy Games)

So anyway, that’s me. Hi. I’m not dead, or even particularly unproductive, you’re just not seeing much of it yet. The next part of Obsidian is on the way, although no longer working under a deadline from Uni has made it harder to stay on task. Soon, I swear. Maybe.

Talk soon.

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